Building His Church

About GLC

Our commitment and passion is to raise up companies of people that will be part of a kingdom church: a company of people equipped and skilled to meet the challenges of life and overcome and be victorious.

To empower leader’s to can hear Gods word for their generation and have the ability and skills to fulfil Gods word in there lifetime.

To raise up the next generation to follow God, having the ability to express his word in a relevant way to their generation using creative, mediums, technology/science, arts, entertainment, political, economically, educationally government and the family…

Service times: Every Sunday at 11:00am

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Spreading the good news to all

We would like to invite you to listen to our recorded sermons for easy to follow meetings that clearly teach the life changing message contained in God’s Word, the Bible.

You will find a list of free sermon downloads in audio or video formats along with notes to download. Share and spread the Word to your family, friends and co-workers.



Learn how to build and use spiritual tools to practically apply in everyday life be trained and equipped for ministry in the 21st century

  • Values and Training
  • Using the Gift Effectively
  • New Generation Leader
  • Preparation for Destiny
  • Restoring
  • Equipping Apostle, Prophets
  • Entering the 7 Domains
  • Thy Kingdom come
  • Strategies of City taking
  • Keys to spiritual Dimensions i.e. dreams vision insight and foresight in the word of God